Agree, not so often life situations make you feel a cold sweat on your forehead, and in fact sometimes you want to feel the atmosphere of frank horror (without real consequences, which is important). To the aid comes the world of computer games, offering genre - "Horrors."

Feature of the games represented by the genre is the very goal of the game, aimed mainly at the survival of the game character. But keep in mind that you will still have to break your head over what is happening in games of this category, since horrors include fights with enemies, passing missions and solving tasks encountered on the way, which is typical of games in the genre of Action. The atmosphere of horror is also strengthened by the pumping music accompanying the player throughout the game process, thereby inducing fear and horror that involuntarily plunge into the game process, temporarily forgetting the real world.

Games of this genre are characterized by a shortage of weapons or a complete lack of it, which only complicates the character's survival in a dangerous situation, which only increases fear and a desire to get out as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, this is not a category game, where the player needs to cheerfully and cheerfully cut monsters in half, punching their way to freedom, it is often necessary to be quiet and secretive so that the horrible creatures do not smell you and the fear that has gripped you.