One of the most popular computer genres at the moment are exactly the race. And this is understandable, because every player is at least once faced with this game direction, and many are true fans of the genre. Of course, most people like the drive, the speed, the spirit of competition, which are so crowded with computer games in the genre of "Race."

This direction is one of the first in the gaming industry and annually the number of games of this genre only grows, which is caused by the excessive interest of gamers (or the number of gamers grows due to the variety of games of this genre). At the moment, most games offer a vast number of tracks, ranging from light and finishing tracks of such complexity that not every participant in real Formula 1 can go through them. As for the transport itself, their abundance will please any player, because in the games of the presented genre the developers do not restrain themselves in the most daring fantasies and offer players an unlimited amount of means of transportation.

The prevailing number of racing games is oversaturated with juicy graphics, which involuntarily feels like a real participant in the race. Simple and intuitive, as is customary, the interface will make the games of this direction even more enjoyable in passing. Also often developers offer players not only single races, but whole passages, which makes games of this genre just more interesting.

In general, the excitement around the race is not going to subside, so choose your game to taste and drive!

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