One of the popular areas of computer games is such a unique game genre as Stealth. The difference between the genre and the rest is that the player needs to be cautious in managing his character, because you will have to become almost a shadow.

The meaning of the game process is based on the fact that the character needs to move unnoticed, remaining almost invisible to his opponent. It will also be necessary to quietly eliminate the enemy, without attracting the attention of others. Many games in the genre of "Stealth" give two options for eliminating opponents: a quiet attack or open harm, but silence in the game process is in high esteem and most games create the gameplay solely to the maximum possible degree of stealth.

In the games of the presented genre, your main skills are disguise and secrecy. Often the plot line of such games is based on espionage, prevention of terrorist act, release of hostages, etc., so you will have enough enemies and remain unnoticed for all will be very difficult. The variety of games of this genre does not cease to surprise, because in the game world you can see Stealth in combination with first-person shooters, platformers and others.