The name of the genre "Adventures" contains the essence of the game genre, because the game process is based on the player's passage of a kind of quest, i.e., it is necessary to move on the plot, interacting with the game world by communicating with the characters he meets and performing tasks. Tasks, as is customary, are connected with solving puzzles (logical thinking will come in handy to you), as well as searching for or using the attributes offered by the game.

Games of the genre "Adventures" are closely related to arcades: you also need to reach a certain point "B" from the point "A", but only the main enemies of the character will not be evil monsters, which you will have to cut and cut without going into the plot, and puzzles and logical traps, which will need to be overcome with the help of the competent use of game inventory and logical thinking. In the games of the presented genre you will realize that the main weapon is the mind, and its use is the main skill. But do not think that there will be no battles and all games are based only on thinking. Now many developers present to gamers such symbiosis as adventure and action or adventure combined with horrors. Therefore, this game genre will taste not only Arthur Conan Doyle's fans, but also fans to shed blood in the game world.