Looking for a simple game with a simple storyline and an incomplete break from reality? "Arcade" is definitely what you need.

The genre of games "Arcade" - deservedly considered the founder of the world gaming market. Games of this direction are not heavily burdened with an extremely complicated plot, which makes arcades pleasant and easy to pass.

The plot, as is customary, in games of this genre is one - it is necessary to get from point "A" to point "B", overcoming obstacles in its path. Believe me, such an uncomplicated plot killed (and continues to do so) more than one hour of free time, so for the passage include your concentration.

Of course, today the gaming world devotes much less attention to arcades, and they are aimed mostly at the younger generation, but this does not mean that you need to bypass the arcade games side. Most of the flash games with which the Internet gaming space is full is designed exactly by the type of arcades, as well as browser games. Therefore, to find a nice toy that will taste to you, it will not be difficult.