Download torrent games from the first person

Games from the 1st person - a genre of computer games, usually a shooter or action game, in which the gameplay is based on the destruction of enemies with weapons with a first-person view. The genre games are designed in such a way that everything that happens in the game is perceived by the player as a participant in the game process, or rather, its main character.

As a rule, most games from the 1st person adhere to the story line, accompanied by missions and the goal of the game is to successfully pass it. But there are also such games where the main goal is shooting at all who are unwanted. The choice of direction depends solely on the interests of the player, therefore, there are enough games in the presented genre.

Typical representatives of the old school of games from the 1st person is the famous Doom, inspiring in due time fear in the players. He still inspires fear, but now only graphics, because now the development of gaming technology has gone far ahead, and the musical accompaniment is so mesmerizing that you really find yourself on the scene, trying to achieve your goal. Also, developers do not stint on the variety of character weapons, so with each new game the weapon becomes more sophisticated, and the appearance is more detailed.