Games from the third person - this is one of the directions of three-dimensional shooters, in which the player sees the character on the screen, which he manages. The plot of games from the 3rd person is based, as is customary, on shooting, and the kind of games goes as if from behind the character, thus showing the terrain in front of him.

Games represented by the game genre are three-dimensional and resemble shooters from the 1st person, accompanied by jumping, hand-to-hand combat and the use of a variety of weapons. The ability to play from the 1st person in games from the 3rd person is also present, since often the developers put in the game such a character function as aiming. Also, currently in the gaming industry often combine two game genres, i.e. in one game the player is given the opportunity to play both from the 1st person and from the 3rd. The ability to change the form of the game depends either on the actions of the game (be it aiming or driving the car) or on the player's preferences.

Games from the 3rd person, as usual, have a goal, i.e. the genre games are based on the passage and are accompanied by various missions, forcing the players to give themselves completely to the game process.

As for the graphics, it is more dimensional than in games from the 1st person, so the details in the games are given a lot of attention, which is appreciated by fans of this genre.