The Silent Age (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

The Silent Age (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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The Silent Age is an adventure game of the type direct and press, filled with a mysterious atmosphere, with a stylish picture and an ominous sound that will keep you in suspense until you solve the abstruse puzzles. Now it's 1972. Time of free love. The latest peep of fashion: flip-flops, bandanas and cologne English Leather. But the Cold War is on its way, and on the other continent the war is real. New movements are born one after another: 'Green', feminists ... And on the dancefloors in the meantime there are very different movements, a new fashion that covers the underground clubs and breaks further. Winds of change are waving the country. And in one big city, in a tall, faceless government building, someone left an open window. All the winds of change are now blowing here, chasing fallen leaves over the clear floor that Joe has just swept up. He's worked here for two years already. Unpromising work of the cleaner, who is obligated to do everything to make the building as clean and impeccable as the costumes of people scurrying down the corridors. This has been going on for many years. One cheerless job replaces another, and each in its own way sears the soul. Our hero's name is Joe. Ordinary name. Ordinary person. Average height, weight and ingenuity. In fact, the only remarkable thing about it is how it corresponds to the description of the average person in the street. Joe's life until this moment is hardly suitable for writing the most overpowering biography. But soon everything will change ...

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