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Stray is a third-person adventure that takes us into the cyberpunk world of the future.
Play an unusual role - the role of a lost cat who intends to escape from this fading city, no matter what it becomes. Go to explore the twisted streets, meet the local inhabitants in the form of drones and robots, pass tests and avoid falling into traps. The game world is completely unpredictable, so you need to act as carefully as possible, thinking through every step. Explore the environment, find clues, collect valuable resources and solve puzzles of varying difficulty to open the way and finally escape from this ill-fated place. The dynamics of the game is thought out perfectly, which will not let you get bored for a minute. You should always develop your skills, as the complexity of the game tends to increase. Separately, it is worth noting the graphic design, which is worked out in a unique style with nice animation and cool visual effects.

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    shanley Добавлен: 25 май 2024 08:45
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  2. cateater
    cateater Добавлен: 23 октябрь 2023 07:20
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