Spirit of the Island

Spirit of the Island
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Spirit of the Island is a fast-paced adventure game that takes us to the vastness of a tropical island, in some way we will try to create a real paradise.
In the role of the main character, first of all go to explore the numerous locations in order to find the place where the activity will begin. Develop the main character and his possessions, study the environment and get valuable resources that will help you achieve your goal. The island is full of secrets and mysteries, which will not be so easy to reveal, so you always need to be on the alert. Pass tests, avoid falling into traps and fight against insidious opponents who will become the main obstacle on the way. It is worth noting the presence of complete freedom of action for the player, which will allow you to do everything as you see fit. At the same time, it is worth thinking through actions in advance so as not to make mistakes. As for the visual performance, it was filled with bright colors and cool visual effects, which together with the soundtrack creates a special atmosphere.

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