Total War: Rome 2 (2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Total War: Rome 2 (2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Total War: Rome 2 will give an opportunity to control the first world superpower and command its amazing and numerous armies, subordinate opponents in political, military, or economic ways. The game from the creators of the series Total War combines elements of real-time gameplay and step-by-step mode. During the campaign, you can follow the course to win lands, and enjoy battles involving tens of thousands of people under your command in real time. The heavily modified Warscape engine in Total War: Rome 2 will allow you to view exotic cities in the smallest detail, and the new camera will provide an opportunity to observe the battlefield from any angle.

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Мнения (11)
  1. khunvannak
    khunvannak Добавлен: 15 июнь 2023 14:49
    u can change language when u install just click laguage interface
  2. natshe
    natshe Добавлен: 30 март 2023 16:24
    the game only played on russian but in game folder its english how can we fix the language to english ?
  3. hussam shamali
    hussam shamali Добавлен: 18 октябрь 2022 15:28
    the game won't start ... any help on that?
  4. Sky
    Sky Добавлен: 13 май 2021 20:50
    How to get English language
  5. donn
    donn Добавлен: 22 апрель 2021 02:41
    Alexandros 320,
    did u find how to change language ?
  6. donn
    donn Добавлен: 22 апрель 2021 02:34
    cant chenge language to english ?
  7. Alexandros 320
    Alexandros 320 Добавлен: 07 декабрь 2020 17:40
    it wont let me change russian to english
  8. Leonardo
    Leonardo Добавлен: 06 октябрь 2020 16:37
    oi desejo esse jogo obrigado
  9. aseem
    aseem Добавлен: 21 апрель 2020 00:07
    dude. how to change the language to english .please guide me
  10. rami hossam
    rami hossam Добавлен: 28 март 2020 04:00
    bla bla
  11. qq
    qq Добавлен: 25 март 2020 16:28
    it will work or not
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