TRON: Evoluti​on: The Video Game (2010) PC | Repack от R.G. Механики

TRON: Evoluti​on: The Video Game (2010) PC | Repack от R.G. Механики
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Exciting action "Tron: Evolution" will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality, gain impressive victories with the help of a destructive light disc and master the legendary light cycle. The game will reveal the events that preceded the plot of the new film "Tron: The Legacy". Various strokes and combo techniques are skillfully combined with the incredible mobility of the character - in the movement among towers and skyscrapers elements of parkour are involved. Fans of online battles will be able to compete with skillful rivals on the Internet, and in every battle can take part up to ten people.

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Мнения (13)
  1. Russ
    Russ Добавлен: 01 декабрь 2023 15:11
    What is the password to unzip the .bin files ?
  2. rodger
    rodger Добавлен: 12 ноябрь 2023 10:16
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  3. Delores
    Delores Добавлен: 07 май 2023 18:39
  4. Johnette
    Johnette Добавлен: 07 май 2023 12:40
  5. Perry
    Perry Добавлен: 07 май 2023 06:10
  6. Jamaal
    Jamaal Добавлен: 07 май 2023 04:01
  7. Sallie
    Sallie Добавлен: 07 май 2023 00:52
  8. Hortense
    Hortense Добавлен: 06 май 2023 22:23
  9. Bradford
    Bradford Добавлен: 06 май 2023 15:27
  10. Pearl
    Pearl Добавлен: 05 май 2023 14:12
  11. Jane Carter
    Jane Carter Добавлен: 02 январь 2023 09:32
    I loved the movies and absolutely love the games as well. I am definitely downloading it and will be playing after providing personal statement help UK to my younger brother. It will be so much fun to play the game finally. I hope the graphics are up to the mark.
  12. Arnab Dolui
    Arnab Dolui Добавлен: 24 октябрь 2021 13:31
    When ever I click on icon game, the game doesn't launch
    Please help me out
  13. Saraxero
    Saraxero Добавлен: 16 февраль 2021 17:58
    it works! thanks!
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