Assassin's Creed Unity (2014) | RePack от R.G. Механики

Assassin's Creed Unity (2014) | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Assassin's Creed® Unity is an adventure action that takes you to Paris in the days of the French Revolution. You will learn the story of Arnaud - the young man, at the behest of chance, caught up in the bloody events of that period. You are waiting for new opportunities in managing the character. Change both the appearance of objects, and their technical characteristics. You will be able to play Assassin's Creed® Unity with your friends, and some tasks can be performed even by threesome. Become a witness to the legendary historical events!

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Мнения (66)
  1. sami
    sami Добавлен: 07 май 2024 11:33
    how can i fix slow loading
    the game loading takes almost 5 mins
  2. killmonger
    killmonger Добавлен: 02 апрель 2024 07:56
    Language could be changed to english just edit the lang file to english after that the texts would be turned to english and for the audio there is a video in youtube which provides a link to download the english audio file, just copy and paste that into the game audio file
  3. anonymous
    anonymous Добавлен: 04 март 2024 21:17
    is licsence key required in it?
  4. Imran
    Imran Добавлен: 14 ноябрь 2023 19:16
    Game runs only in russian
  5. Shamroz Khan
    Shamroz Khan Добавлен: 20 сентябрь 2023 08:35
    How to install
  6. ASJAD
    ASJAD Добавлен: 24 июнь 2023 12:20
    the setup is not open and not running in my pc . please give me the fix
    DHANUSH K Добавлен: 25 май 2023 18:17
    bro language is in to change it
  8. ew2o1213
    ew2o1213 Добавлен: 20 май 2023 14:08
    how to change language rus to eng, please i need helpppppppp
  9. 4eyh3ujk
    4eyh3ujk Добавлен: 18 сентябрь 2022 22:18
    it doesnt work. i wasted all day JUST to download it and now its not working. when i click download torrent it makes me new tab where its name is web torrent.i had to delete torrent because setup was not from rg mechancis i know how rg mechancis setup looks like its some stoped shi! russian setup i select english language as setup and its still russian and ac unity is all russian even when starting game it has some kind of stoped russian word instead of unity.fix this stoped mistake i just want to play assasins creed unity not to waste my time and day and ruin my does this for all games i tryed to download. fix it
  10. MArtin
    MArtin Добавлен: 25 август 2022 19:04
    how to change language to english cause there is only russian and france
  11. stark
    stark Добавлен: 18 август 2022 13:48
    english language not working any solutions.
  12. walid
    walid Добавлен: 28 июль 2022 22:42
    sanket ninawe,
    open file location then delete file named " localization.lang "
  13. Jose
    Jose Добавлен: 22 июнь 2022 02:24
    A question, is my game's save stored in my drive?

    In the event that I need to uninstall the game temporarily, I'd like to know if I can save a backup or if I'll lose all progress inside the game.
  14. juscar
    juscar Добавлен: 20 июнь 2022 16:14
    I put it in English and it was in Russian:(
  15. Selva
    Selva Добавлен: 14 июнь 2022 17:36
    How to change English language..
  16. darth vader
    darth vader Добавлен: 16 май 2022 12:58
    cant change language to english
  17. rajeen
    rajeen Добавлен: 10 май 2022 20:11
  18. loi
    loi Добавлен: 30 апрель 2022 19:04
    Help.PLease solve this problem.I downloaded this and after installing,I opened it and the screen went stuck there.the only aolution i can get out is force shutdown.Again,please help,tq
  19. Siddharth kakoty
    Siddharth kakoty Добавлен: 17 апрель 2022 16:15
    Guys this is legit it works, but you have to change the game into english by deleting the localised file in the game directory and english sound of cut scenes is not there.
  20. bata
    bata Добавлен: 15 март 2022 14:27
    Stuck on instalation wizard
    , help , it won't click install
  21. Anton
    Anton Добавлен: 08 март 2022 17:51
    Data.bin not found
  22. Dane
    Dane Добавлен: 31 январь 2022 17:18
    Satish Prasad,
    same, deleted the LANG file and lost all voice audio. anyone can help??
  23. Satish Prasad
    Satish Prasad Добавлен: 29 январь 2022 14:22
    Not been able to change the language from Russian to Eng.

    Tried to do that with the help of internet it was successful but character voice gone

    please help
  24. Rahul Nirban
    Rahul Nirban Добавлен: 12 январь 2022 10:00
    Game does not launch after setup is complete
    Nothing happens after running acu.exe file
  25. Adin
    Adin Добавлен: 11 декабрь 2021 15:38
    good game
  26. Adin
    Adin Добавлен: 11 декабрь 2021 15:37
    my favourite game
  27. Unknown
    Unknown Добавлен: 31 октябрь 2021 13:52
    You motherfucker!
    This shit is all fucking russian, i changed to english at the start of the fucking installer, but you fucking faggot idiot shitheads, do this to me. FUCK YOU!
  28. Blind
    Blind Добавлен: 23 июль 2021 19:51
    Guys ? had unarc.dll 6 error pls help.
  29. Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh Добавлен: 13 июнь 2021 09:59
    Hey it work but it have alot of lag pls how to fix this lag
  30. Goose
    Goose Добавлен: 10 июнь 2021 17:23
    tf is this dawg?
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