Assassin's Creed - Anthology (2008-2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Assassin's Creed - Anthology (2008-2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Assassin Creed is the first part - a magnificent start to the magnificent series, which allowed to go to different epochs and corners of the world. The starting points on the map were Damascus, Aqrah, Jerusalem. Here Altair, a member of the secret organization, who by means of audacious and at the same time accurate murders influences the history of the world, will act. Once this assassin, because of emotions, failed the most important task, now he must take himself under absolute control

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Мнения (18)
  1. mee
    mee Добавлен: 12 апрель 2024 19:49
    i thought this was fake but tk this is soo good but why are u using xatab in unity
  2. Tyler Swartz
    Tyler Swartz Добавлен: 14 июль 2023 17:37
    Hello can I get some seeders Its been a whole week no peer has connected
  3. Grimimp
    Grimimp Добавлен: 13 январь 2023 21:22
    this is the sequel to Murderous Collection! The Original was in26GB THIS is 36GB
  4. Azder
    Azder Добавлен: 21 сентябрь 2022 04:33
    it contains ransomeware virus when i installed ac2 from it it changed some files extensions with .aawt be carefull everyone.
  5. the darksider
    the darksider Добавлен: 16 август 2022 03:42
    Need some seeding!
  6. Talha
    Talha Добавлен: 15 июнь 2022 10:33
    Downloading will stop at 91.8% i will update trackers but still not working
  7. Sahil Rawal
    Sahil Rawal Добавлен: 19 февраль 2022 10:06
  8. Michael
    Michael Добавлен: 11 декабрь 2021 05:27
    i want this game please
  9. Michael
    Michael Добавлен: 11 декабрь 2021 05:26
    I want this game please
  10. prince hacker
    prince hacker Добавлен: 27 июнь 2021 01:29
    is number 7 black flag
  11. abdur rahman
    abdur rahman Добавлен: 02 апрель 2021 18:16
    in which number is assasins creed 3
  12. abdur rahman
    abdur rahman Добавлен: 02 апрель 2021 18:15
    in which number is assassins creed 3
  13. yogesh
    yogesh Добавлен: 09 сентябрь 2020 20:03
    site is so aswesome providing games to the whole world thanks for this such good service.
  14. nik
    nik Добавлен: 06 август 2020 13:18
    i need this game
  15. kevin
    kevin Добавлен: 06 апрель 2020 07:28
    love it, thanks!!!!
  16. Saad Abdullah
    Saad Abdullah Добавлен: 23 март 2020 12:13
    Does It Have Assassin Creed # Tyranny Of King Washington Dlc. I want to play it, Please reply fast.
  17. saurabh
    saurabh Добавлен: 15 январь 2020 09:09
    it contains all parts, N BLACK FLAG IS NO.7
  18. Ben Fury
    Ben Fury Добавлен: 12 июль 2018 16:00
    Hello There! i have a doubt, i started downloading this, but instead of downloading the assassin's creed anthology, it started downloading the murderous edition. I searched on the internet about the murderous edition and found out it only contains assassin's creed series till assassin's creed 3. but in your description above, it says this contains assassin's creed 4 black flag and freedom cry too. so please tell me, is that intended? did you add assassin's creed 4 to the folder while repacking? Thanks!

    Ben Fury
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