Darkest of Days (2009) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Darkest of Days (2009) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
26/20 Плюс
Darkest of Days is dedicated to the obvious, but for some reason poorly used shooters topic of time travel. The main character is soldier Alexander Maurice, a participant in the Civil War in the United States. During a bloody battle (not for an unnamed bridge, but for an important historical one), he witnesses an amazing incident: a portal opens in the air, from which someone unexpectedly emerges. In the heat of the shooting, the stranger manages to push the protagonist into a spatial hole, but he himself dies. So Maurice is in the future, where it turns out that an organization is busy with the favorite business of all time theorists: it affects the present, changing key moments of the past. The corporation is not limited to killing certain individuals, but erases whole events of world history. It is with this organization that we will have to face Maurice, who in the future, it turns out, is predetermined to establish a whole dynasty. So the death of his savior was not in vain.

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