Constant C (2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Constant C (2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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In the near future, on the initiative of the brightest minds and under the leadership of the President and Professor Nicholas, the Superluminal project was launched. Its purpose is to gain complete control over the flow of time and space. The development was carried out at a remote space station with full support from the Government of the Earth. The funds were not spared, and the amount of resources spent was simply immeasurable. All this for the sake of realizing the dream of traveling to distant worlds and crossing the boundaries of time. But one day the unexpected happened - the space station completely stopped time ... The experiment, the staff, everything was frozen in time and space. The rescue robot was sent to solve the problem, and it's his role that should be taken by players in Constant C. The main task is to find a malfunction and carry out repairs. However, upon arrival at the site, it turns out that everything is worse than anticipated, and now the rescue robot has a lot more responsibilities.

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  1. Annarose
    Annarose Добавлен: 29 июнь 2023 10:08
    What a meaningful and humane article. Thank you for sharing with us. Now try to play the game Waffle wordle with me.
  2. DorisWayne
    DorisWayne Добавлен: 12 декабрь 2022 11:50
    The scribbles in the video game Scribble make me feel wonderful when life's stresses are all around me.
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