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Project Zomboid (2013) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2013
Genre: Simulator, RPG
Developer: The Indie Stone
Publishing: The Indie Stone
Type of publication: License
Interface language: RUS|ENG
Speech Language: Absent
Crack: Is present

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
CPU: Intel 2.77GHz
Video card: OpenGL 2.1
Hard disk space: 5 GB

Project Zomboid is a survival-themed game where you have to find any way to avoid attacking the protagonist from the bloodthirsty walking dead.
A huge open world is waiting for you, but at the same time it will be very dangerous. The story will tell you about fictional small towns called Muldrag and Vespoint. Here you will not be alone, there are other survivors who also want to save their lives. You will be able to join forces and create all the conditions for your cities to become safe. In order to achieve your goal, you will build various fortified buildings, including dwellings, and also look for useful items and valuable resources. Don't forget to craft powerful weapons and build traps to help you deal with the zombies. Every day the end of the world will be approaching, in order to eliminate this danger, you need to constantly build, improve and create.
Features repack:


Mangkuk Ayun написал:
Thank you for uploading this game. I finally get to play it. Im just wondering if youre going to update the game form time to time when the new releases come
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Alferdd написал:
Написано: 22 April 2022 08:22 | Ответить | | | |
faul knernolan написал:
This is really a great game. Fall Guys' colorful characters are my favorite. Invite your buddies and get started. While playing it, the two of you will undoubtedly have a good time and make some wonderful memories.
Написано: 12 July 2022 13:03 | Ответить | | | |
ddd написал:
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ddd написал:
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mister yo написал:
das fuckin shit, i got the virus lmao
Написано: 11 September 2022 14:21 | Ответить | | | |
miklas hary написал:
Many people have expressed interest in this special game. scribble io is a terrific method for you and your pals to pass the time with its unique game experience and innovative game atmosphere.
Написано: 12 September 2022 07:13 | Ответить | | | |
wtf написал:
Did not work here, cannot install, says noting and close, virus defender and all disabled...
Написано: 30 September 2022 23:20 | Ответить | | | |
James Morgan написал:
Написано: 22 November 2022 20:16 | Ответить | | | |
zachery написал:
just checking to see if the comments are real you should do the same...
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