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Terraria - quite a popular game today that will take you to a fairy-tale world. This project is made in the sandbox genre with a fairly open colorful world.
Here you will have complete freedom of action. The only thing that can limit you is the change of day and night, as well as various creepy creatures that climb out of their caves. This suggests that in the game you need to constantly be on the alert, as well as immediately equip yourself with a safe haven. The main character will explore the world for useful resources, from which you can then create items useful for survival. You should not forget about replenishing your arsenal with weapons, so that in the event of a fight, attack your opponent. Here you need to build, dig and mine a lot to stay alive. Hunt, stock up on food, and try to improve your weapons. The game world is very dangerous, and terrible creatures can take your life at any convenient moment.

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