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GRIME (2021) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2021
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Clover Bite
Publishing: Clover Bite
Type of publication: License
Interface language: RUS|ENG
Speech Language:
Crack: Is present

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel i5
Video card: GeForce 960
Hard disk space: 10 GB

GRIME is a side-view arcade action game with high dynamics and addictive gameplay.
The storyline tells about the terrible invasion of alien monsters, from which we have to get rid of, giving the planet hope for a bright and safe future. Play the role of a brave fighter who will do everything possible to successfully achieve his goal. The task is not easy, so you need to pay special attention to the development of skills and combat characteristics. Also, do not forget about the combat arsenal, which should always contain powerful weapons and defense attributes. Be careful, because the enemy does not sleep and is ready to destroy you at any moment. The main task: to get to the center of evil and eliminate the boss, but before that, you have to go through quite a few obstacles and all kinds of traps. Explore the environment, explore locations to get valuable information and useful resources that will come in handy as you go. Graphic performance will delight fans of the genre, as it has cool visual effects and vivid drawing.
Features repack:


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