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Metro 2033 - Redux (2014) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2014
Genre: 1st Person, 3D, Action, Shooter
Developer: 4A Games
Publishing: THQ
Type of publication: RePack
Interface language: RUS|ENG|UKR|MULTI10
Speech Language: RUS|ENG|UKR|MULTI7
Crack: GOG no-DRM

OS: Windows XP and higher
CPU: Dual Core CPU (2.2+ GHz Dual Core CPU or better)
Video card: DirectX 10, Shader Model 3 compliant graphics cards (GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB, GeForce GTS 250, etc)
Hard disk space: 8 GB

Metro 2033 Redux is the most complete and best version of the iconic Metro 2033 game, re – created on the 4A Engine graphics core for the latest generation of gaming systems. Fans of the original version will see how the world of Metro has changed, getting incredible lighting, physical laws and changing weather. Players who are not familiar with the series will get one of the best story shooters in the history of the genre – an epic adventure that combines exciting "Survival horror", terrain exploration, tactical combat and stealth. What appeared or changed for the better in the game mechanics in the continuation of Metro: Last Light, transferred to Metro 2033 Redux – a beautiful AI, interface, animation, mechanics of handling weapons and much more. Both new and experienced players will have something to admire.
Features repack:


Alexgamer345 написал:
The game makes life after the apocalypse very real.

Exciting but horroristic gameplay which I really liked. bully
Написано: 1 June 2020 12:23 | Ответить | | | |
Rohit написал:
Thank you very very much for this lock down extremely liked games repack thank you so much.
Написано: 5 October 2020 17:13 | Ответить | | | |
santhosh написал:
how to change language?
Написано: 14 October 2020 12:10 | Ответить | | | |
solved написал:
Go to the options menu on the left side of the main menu (the radio) --> Game options (second from top), Voice language and Text language are the bottom 2 options, change them to english.
Написано: 2 January 2021 16:42 | Ответить | | | |
anon написал:
Installation stops at 8.7 % and crashes. Files may be corrupt.
Написано: 27 March 2021 17:26 | Ответить | | | |
Kingsayer написал:
Repack is showing
Runtime error(316:4148)
String out of range
What should i do????
Написано: 29 June 2021 09:17 | Ответить | | | |
John chester Cabrera написал:
said cant find metro2033.exe
Написано: 27 August 2021 14:10 | Ответить | | | |
Dr. praise написал:
if it gives you runtime error,just go direct to google and download runtime error setup and run it on your pc then reinstall the game
Написано: 28 August 2021 02:19 | Ответить | | | |
Dr. praise написал:
if it says can't find Metro2033.exe then you need to disable all your pc antivirus or security system then run it again...mostly the antivirus will eat your setup file,if you are not lucky it will force you to redownload it and start afresh
Написано: 28 August 2021 02:21 | Ответить | | | |
sarahroxon написал:
This is one of the horror games that I love the most, in addition to changing the direction of a few more attractive games like slope game with 3D graphics is also great.
Написано: 11 February 2022 12:13 | Ответить | | | |

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