Metro - Dilogy (2010-2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Metro - Dilogy (2010-2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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2033 year. The whole world lies in ruins after a nuclear war, Moscow has turned into a ghost town. Few survivors hide in the bomb shelters of the Moscow subway, at the stations of which city-states were formed, which created trade alliances and political groups. Radiation background makes it impossible to stay on the surface for a long time, even more dangerous are the mutants and unknown creatures residing on the surface. VDNKh, the extreme populated station on the orange branch line, for a long time remained safe. But recently it is attacked by creepy creatures, 'black', and it becomes more difficult for people to beat off attacks. Artem, a resident of VDNKh, is to make his way to the metro center in order to save his home and the whole metro from danger. Go through all the horrors of 'Metro 2033' and become a real hero of the post-apocalyptic world!

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Мнения (4)
  1. WillisGarcia
    WillisGarcia Добавлен: 21 январь 2022 09:40
    It's inexcusable that Slope 3, my favorite game, gets a terrible rep. Slope 3 is a fully satisfying game if you are a lover of this game, unlike the statements above.
  2. Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Добавлен: 17 август 2021 03:44
    Older version meaning the Last Light without the Redux filter , I like woh that looks better .
  3. Luke Skywlker
    Luke Skywlker Добавлен: 17 август 2021 02:57
    "can anyone tell me what's the difference between this and the redux sorry I'm newbie here "

    The Metro Last Light Redux has a different DX11 filter for rendering the game's imaging and graphics engine and it has only some unnoticeable design tweaks , but I have been comparing Last Light Redux with the older one and replaying the two versions and I personaly like the older one cause the collors look better in my opinion and some scenes look better in the older version, so I am definitely playing the older version of Last Light without the Redux filter.

    But if you also want Metro 2033 then you should play the Metro 2033 Redux cause they made major changes in that one and it looks a lot better in the Redux version .
  4. Benedict Salamat
    Benedict Salamat Добавлен: 21 июнь 2021 17:31
    can anyone tell me what's the difference between this and the redux sorry I'm newbie here
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