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Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition (2014) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2014
Genre: 3rd Person, 3D, Action, Shooter, Stealth
Developer: Rebellion
Publishing: Rebellion
Type of publication: RePack
Interface language: RUS|ENG
Speech Language: RUS|ENG
Crack: Вшита (PLAZA (CrackFix))

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Intel® Pentium D 3GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 or better
Video card: GeForce 8800 series / ATI Radeon HD 3870
Hard disk space: 30 GB

Action Sniper Elite 3 takes place during the Second World War. In the role of American agent Carl Fairbairn, you have to go to North Africa to help the allied forces cope with the onslaught of the fascists. In parallel, the hero learns about the secret program for the development of tanks, having realized that, Germany will be able to decide the outcome of the war. The game is notable for the non-linear gameplay unfolding in the open territory. You are waiting for fierce battles with the use of melee weapons, as well as shooting from a long distance. Noisy cities and remote settlements - your invaluable helpers in matters of tactical planning and movement. The updated camera makes it possible to destroy armored cars and tanks with just one well-aimed shot at the gas tank. The X-Ray camera will show in detail how the muscle and blood system are destroyed from the bullet that you released. In addition, Sniper Elite 3 includes a mode of cooperative passage and multiplayer.
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Features of the game:
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Hamza написал:
Brother please help me it's in russian. How can I change it to english
Написано: 4 January 2021 03:02 | Ответить | | | |
Aureo написал:
i need help, when a change the language my menu it doesn't appear so what can i do but the game works properly
Написано: 5 April 2021 01:42 | Ответить | | | |
Aureo написал:
please help me
Написано: 5 April 2021 01:43 | Ответить | | | |
Aureo написал:
I need help, when i changed the language from Russian to Ingles the letras on my menu and even when i am playing it doesn't appear but the game works properly
Написано: 5 April 2021 01:47 | Ответить | | | |
punit bajracharya написал:
how to change rus to eng
Написано: 28 June 2021 14:47 | Ответить | | | |
rahul написал:
its in russian language after installing
Написано: 8 July 2021 06:34 | Ответить | | | |
hooman написал:
Thats For PC??
Написано: 23 September 2021 22:17 | Ответить | | | |
Joe написал:
error data.bin do i fixed it
Написано: 26 December 2021 11:52 | Ответить | | | |
dsge написал:
Написано: 10 February 2022 14:14 | Ответить | | | |

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