Required .dll files

How to install the .dll file?
1. Open the zip and unzip the file
2. Move the dll file to C: \ Windows \ System32
3. Restart the computer

Important .dll files
- Download d3dx9.dll
Download d3dx9_43. dll
- Download d3d11.dll

- Download steam.dll
- Download steam_api.dll
- Download steam_api64.dll

- Download msvcr100.dll
- Download msvcp100.dll
- Download msvcr110.dll
- Download msvcr120.dll x32 < / a> | Download msvcr120.dll x64 a>
Download msvcp120. dll
- Download mantle32.dll

- Download xinput1_1.dll
- Download xinput1_2.dll
- Download xinput1_3.dll

- Download uplay_r 1_loader.dll
- Download physxloader.dll

- Download window.dll
- Download xlive.dll

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are they needed?
If you have an error" Running programs is impossible, because d3dx9.dll is not on the computer. Try to reinstall the program "," d3dx9.dll not found "," There is no steam.dll "," Missing msvcr100.dll "and other errors related to dll files, then download the file and install it on your computer (the instruction above). >

The error looks like this