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ULTRAKILL is a dynamic and exciting game project developed in the shooter genre, where all actions take place from a first-person perspective.
The game world is quite dangerous, prepared for you a lot of battles with the most insidious opponents, as well as traps and trials on the way to a given goal. It is worth noting that the game includes an outstanding storyline with unexpected turns of events. The locations are different and each should be studied inside and out in order to think over your actions and repulse the enemy. The atmosphere of real madness constantly reigns on the battlefield, and battles will turn into a bloody mess. It is worth noting the presence of a rich weapons arsenal and additions to it, which will allow you to ruthlessly deal with everyone who dares to stand in the way. Enemies will be very different and have different strengths, so always be on the alert and use your wits in battle. It will not do without a battle with a powerful boss, which is not an easy task to defeat. Carefully monitor the state of your health, which will be filled not with the help of first-aid kits found, but due to the opponents you killed. It is their blood that will give you strength and power before the next battle.

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