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Ravenfield (Ravenfield) - a new addition to the world of projects developed in the popular shooter genre. Here you need to take the position of a brave warrior who will team up with others, the same fighters. The game is designed for team battles, so you can have a great time with your friends. This game will allow you to take part in enchanting battles, where there will be a rather hot atmosphere. There is no mega cool graphics here, but there is a huge crowd of enemy forces that need to be overcome no matter what. On the battlefield you can find a variety of weapons, ranging from shotguns and pistols, and ending with explosives and sharp swords. Also, you can travel around the vast world on various military equipment, including tanks and helicopters. You can play the role of a paratrooper, fighter, or shooter. Find a sniper rifle and crush your opponent from a distance. Be very careful, because the enemy is not asleep and will be able to overtake you at any moment.

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