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EVERSPACE 2 is an exciting and dynamic game that was introduced to the world in the space simulator genre. Here you will have complete freedom of action and a comic space open for conquest, which is why it will definitely not be boring.
You have to be ready for sharp turns of events, revealing dark secrets and all sorts of trials on the way to your goal. You will take on the role of a brave hero who, together with his faithful team, will go to explore numerous locations. Become a part of a large-scale expedition, which is important for all mankind. Each territory you explore is filled with dangers and obstacles. Always develop the skills of the main character and his team to cope with more difficult tasks in the future. You will go on a trip on a ship, which also lends itself to comprehensive modification. You can equip the ship with various add-ons and an arsenal of weapons, which will soon help you destroy your opponent. Your main task is to survive, and also to reveal all the mysterious secrets that this vast universe hides in itself.

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