The Last Case of Benedict Fox

The Last Case of Benedict Fox
3/3 Плюс
The Last Case of Benedict Fox is an action adventure that will make us part of the investigation of a real murder. Here we can learn about the activities of secret organizations, visit unusual places and uncover secrets shrouded in darkness.
The protagonist, named Benedict Fox, is a self-proclaimed detective who works with a demon companion. Taking on the role of Benedict, you embark on your final investigation, where you will face unpredictable events, solve murders and pass deadly tests. On your way, you will constantly meet puzzles, many of which will be quite difficult, and therefore it is important to connect your ingenuity, logic and tactical planning skills. The atmosphere of the game will please the fact that it is able to keep in suspense throughout the passage. The graphics are designed in a gloomy style and will make everyone a full part of the game.

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