Nine Sols

Nine Sols
2/2 Плюс
Nine Sols is an adventure game developed in the platform genre where we become part of a world based on Asian mythology.
Nine dark Sols brought chaos, seizing power into their cunning paws. Play the role of a brave martial artist who has been very successful in his work and now intends to defeat evil, no matter what it takes. Once he was defeated, but then he was reborn again and is now ready to do anything to give this drowning world hope for a bright future. After rebirth, the master did not lose his skills from his past life, which significantly increases his chances of winning on the battlefield. First of all, fill your combat arsenal with powerful weapons and defense attributes, and don’t forget to constantly upgrade your skills. The game will not be complete without solving intricate puzzles and battles with powerful bosses. The game world is completely open for exploration, which gives complete freedom of action.

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