Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires
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Myth of Empires is an exciting game project developed in the sandbox genre with action elements, where we go to the vastness of the East of the third century.
The first thing to note is the presence of a completely open and huge world, which we will go explore, paying attention to even the most inconspicuous locations. Study your environment, extract valuable resources, find clues and useful information in order to achieve your goal as quickly as possible. There will also be bloody battles with insidious opponents who are ready to do everything to stop you. Make sure you have in your combat arsenal powerful weapons and the necessary protection attributes that will help you destroy any, even the most powerful, enemy. Engage in the construction of all kinds of structures, including defensive towers, expand the expanses of your possessions and prevent the penetration of enemies. Develop your main character by improving his overall characteristics and combat abilities to take a leading position in this dangerous and unpredictable world.

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