Life Is Strange: Complete Season (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Life Is Strange: Complete Season (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Life is Strange - an episodic adventure, whose events develop in the fictional city of Arcadia Bay in Oregon. The story of a friendship that could quickly end if it were not for Max's suddenly open talent. She found a gift in herself - the ability to rewind time. But it is not yet clear how this works and what it can lead to. It all starts with the rescue of the girlfriend of the main character - Chloe, who received a bullet in the stomach, but she hardly knows about it. As a witness of her death, you try to obstruct what is happening, which leads to a rewind of time back. Now you have the right to change the course of events, to influence the past, the future, the present and preventing the death of an old friend that will not end. Soon, the couple will reveal the shocking truth about the loss of their classmate. In the meantime, Max is obliged to realize the opportunities, his power over time and learn how to apply it without harm to others.

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    If anyone want to change the font language of flyers & pamphlets or any other writings in the game from Russian to English then you have to go to the LOC_Setting & then go to Texture_Disable folder & copy the config folder to the LifeIsStrangeGame folder & click replace if asked & you're done.
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  17. Kranz
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    Error with 0xc00007b and not starting any solution?
  18. Gizem
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  22. Mr. Solution
    Mr. Solution Добавлен: 23 январь 2020 12:04
    if you want to know How to changes some graffiti, paper, magazines or anything else are Russian to English. it's simple
    go to " C:\Games\Life is Strange - Complete Season\LOC_Setting\RUS_Textures " 2x click on " Texture_Disable " then copy " DefaultEngine.ini " paste it to " C:\Games\Life is Strange - Complete Season\LifeIsStrangeGame\Config " and Done !.
  23. Pardeep Sohi
    Pardeep Sohi Добавлен: 04 январь 2019 13:53
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  24. anis
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