Grow Up

Grow Up
29/26 Плюс
Grow Home - a new indie game, executed in the style of a platformer, where the main aspect of the whole process is precisely the physics of action.
Here you have to take on a rather unusual role - the role of an autonomous robot that goes on an incredible adventure full of dangers and interesting challenges. The main task of our little hero is that he must do his best to provide humanity with a sufficient amount of oxygen. He goes to explore one of the unknown planets, on which, by a lucky chance, he finds a huge plant. Now the responsibility for maintaining the viability of this process falls on your shoulders in order to provide yourself and people with the necessary resource. You will take care of the green creature in every possible way, water it on time, and also climb it at a certain period in order to obtain the necessary seeds, which are also very valuable. These seeds you will carry to the ship, which, in turn, will transport them to your home planet.

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