Forever Skies

Forever Skies
2/2 Плюс
Forever Skies is a survival simulator that takes us to the vastness of a futuristic world that is experiencing the consequences of the apocalypse. The world was almost completely destroyed, and those who still managed to escape decide to return to Earth, where they are waiting for new, not quite suitable for life conditions.
Play the role of a brave hero who goes on a journey across a lifeless planet in search of shelter. You will explore many locations, extract the necessary resources and deliver them to their destinations on your airship. There are more than enough locations in the game and on each of them you can discover something new for yourself, one will be useful to you when the other becomes a real danger, so be on the alert. Gradually, the settlement will develop, discover new technologies, and then new opportunities, which will create conditions for a comfortable and safe existence of mankind on the already new planet Earth.

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