Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2: Stay Human
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a survival action game where all actions take place from a first-person perspective.
First of all, get to know the main character - a young man who managed to save his life after the apocalypse. The storyline will tell about a virus that suddenly appeared, which began to spread across the planet at breakneck speed, turning everyone living into zombies. Subsequently, only a few managed to survive, and you are one of these few. Go to explore the territories, pass tests, collect valuable resources and provide yourself with shelter. Create your own team, equip your combat arsenal with powerful weapons in order to be able to repel the attack not only of the walking dead, but also of other survivors who will encroach on your prey. From time to time you will face a difficult choice that will have a great impact on the course of events, so you should use logic and ingenuity in order to avoid mistakes. The graphics are thought out perfectly and will allow everyone to plunge headlong into this tense, and sometimes frightening atmosphere.

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Мнения (7)
  1. HARV
    HARV Добавлен: 05 июль 2023 18:25
    when will hogwarts legacy come?
  2. HARV
    HARV Добавлен: 05 июль 2023 18:24
  3. jaywilder
    jaywilder Добавлен: 11 июнь 2023 01:37
    how do u get the dialogue
  4. Daksh
    Daksh Добавлен: 17 апрель 2023 11:21
    Byrd Franklin,
    bro download english audio fix from game3rb that will correct the audio
  5. Byrd Franklin
    Byrd Franklin Добавлен: 06 апрель 2023 07:40
    Does this version contain the correct audio? The two older versions I tried lacked spoken sounds. x trench run
  6. robbery
    robbery Добавлен: 01 апрель 2023 16:22
    game uninstall it self around 50% when installing the setup.
  7. irfan
    irfan Добавлен: 28 март 2023 20:42
    Does this version have proper audio. The two earlier versions I tried had no audio during dialogues.
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