Dear Esther (2012) PC | Repack от R.G. Механики

Dear Esther (2012) PC | Repack от R.G. Механики
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After two years of development, the long-awaited independent remake of the cult fashion "Dear Esther", goes on the PC. "Dear Esther" plunges you into a deafeningly realistic world, to a remote and desolate island somewhere on the outer Hebrides. Only you took the first step, as the voice began to read fragments of the letter: "Dear Esther ..." - so begins the journey, through one of the most original games from the first person of recent time. Leaving the traditional gameplay of the plot passage, "Dear Esther" discourages with its beautiful surroundings with exciting music, in order to tell a great love story, loss, guilt and retribution.

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