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Starmancer is a project developed in the strategy genre where you will play the role of artificial intelligence.
Events send us to a planet where a terrible catastrophe has occurred and now the human race is forced to send its software development to the expanses of space in order to find a new home. The consciousness of people was immersed in some vessels of memory and sent on a long journey. Now the fate of mankind lies in your hands and only you will be able to determine whether there is a chance for further life or not. Go to a large-scale space station, the aspects of which you will take under your own control. Equip the environment, set the most comfortable conditions, and do not forget to get valuable resources to maintain life. Responsible work concerns the creation of human bodies, where consciousness will subsequently move. On the way you expect quite a few obstacles and dangers, from which you must fence the station. Every decision you make has consequences, and will eventually lead to one or another outcome of events.

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