Knights of Honor (2004) PC | Repack от R.G. Механики

Knights of Honor (2004) PC | Repack от R.G. Механики
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Europe is in a sorry state. It is torn apart by internecine wars and weakens the popular unrest. The main goal of the game is to unite the European states into a single empire by any available means, whether it be military actions, diplomatic tricks or dynastic marriages. To help the player given to the right spies, who will provide him with valuable information, and dedicated knights are called to bravely defend the honor of the monarch. The player will have to conclude trade transactions and join military alliances, ensure the protection of their locks and take care of the city's infrastructure - in short, do everything in order to raise the economy to a high level. Creating an empire in real time, the player will feel like a veritable destiny, because his mission is to rule Europe!

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