F1 2014 (2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

F1 2014 (2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Feel the power of the new FORMULA ONE ™ turbocharged cars in the most affordable computer game on FORMULA 1 ™ today. In F1 ™ 2014 you are expected to see all the pilots, cars and tracks from the World Championship in the FORMULA 1 ™ class of the 2014 season, including new trails in Russia and Austria, the return of the German Hockenheimring and FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX - the new tournament that appeared in 2014 year. A new driver assessment system that adjusts the game to your level, redesigned management, facilitated career opportunities, and a new level of complexity "Very Easy" will open the FORMULA 1 ™ world even for absolute beginners. Experienced players can customize the game so that they fully experience the serious requirements of FORMULA ONE racers. Advanced scenario mode, extensive multiplayer capabilities and a two-player game on one screen improve F1 2014 in recreating the FORMULA ONE world for dedicated fans and beginners in the series.

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Мнения (16)
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  2. davies lucy smith
    davies lucy smith Добавлен: 17 ноябрь 2021 22:54
    when i lauch the game, it says 'this is not the .exe you are looking for, i need help
  3. Gabriel
    Gabriel Добавлен: 24 октябрь 2021 05:03
    Puts F1 2013 and 2010. The best version
  4. Hamza ben Hamouda
    Hamza ben Hamouda Добавлен: 09 июль 2021 01:26
  5. Hamza ben Hamouda
    Hamza ben Hamouda Добавлен: 09 июль 2021 01:25
  6. Aan Bawmmik Nand VS
    Aan Bawmmik Nand VS Добавлен: 08 июнь 2021 05:53
  7. santiago labay jr.
    santiago labay jr. Добавлен: 15 март 2021 09:54
    bro don't copy the folder name MP Fix because it's not running the game
  8. santiago labay jr.
    santiago labay jr. Добавлен: 15 март 2021 09:52
    note: don't copy those folder name ' MP Fix from F1 2014 Game Directory because it not running the exe file
  9. santiago labay jr.
    santiago labay jr. Добавлен: 15 март 2021 09:50
    thanks again R.G team for the game 'it works fine and run smoothly
  10. Romel Mayol
    Romel Mayol Добавлен: 22 июль 2020 07:21
    asasasaasd sadsadas d
  11. Ashish
    Ashish Добавлен: 20 июль 2020 23:11
    after installation, the game is not running. not even in compatibility mode. I have even tried to run it as administrator and reinstalled the game several times.

    please list a solution down here.
  12. 3r4t5r3e
    3r4t5r3e Добавлен: 19 июнь 2020 12:27
    fedvrbfewdcvegraabfvfs VD dvreacs wwdfrd
  13. Shane
    Shane Добавлен: 13 апрель 2020 17:38
    Game isn't running. CAn you please list the steps of installation and if any thing is to be copied or something.
  14. mbrena22
    mbrena22 Добавлен: 07 март 2020 17:57
  15. AS
    AS Добавлен: 15 октябрь 2018 08:32
    Akamckd kaldsfkoasfkd;ofc jmakcsjksafjdopfk
  16. suar
    suar Добавлен: 28 сентябрь 2018 10:44
    akjakudajsbkajscbkajscbiajsasjcaksjcb kajsbiajscaoijcaosjcaoskcpaoscjoajb akjsdoasichoasicaosicaoichhaossciau
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