Assetto Corsa [v 1.5.9] (2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Assetto Corsa [v 1.5.9] (2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Assetto Corsa - a new racing simulator company Kunos Simulazioni. Among the main features of Assetto Corsa are a modern graphics engine with full support for DirectX 11, a realistic physical model, officially licensed cars and tracks recreated with laser scanning, an open architecture that allows the community of simressors to independently create and implement various modifications and much more.

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Мнения (14)
  1. banin
    banin Добавлен: 04 март 2024 03:12
    just so everyone knows it is not going to work if you look at the peer and seed boxes under download torrent it has dots blinking that is cause it is not being seeded by anyone it will not work if it was working you will see numbers of seeds and peers i just hope this site gets version 01.16 at least cant find it anywhere or anything higher
  2. siuu
    siuu Добавлен: 19 сентябрь 2023 17:56
    baaddd version not latest i had hopess...
  3. siuu
    siuu Добавлен: 19 сентябрь 2023 17:55
    Which version is this ????
  4. baccaratsite
    baccaratsite Добавлен: 09 декабрь 2022 12:01
    I came to this site with the introduction of a friend around me and I was very impressed when I found your writing. I'll come back often after bookmarking! baccaratsite
  5. Giorgi
    Giorgi Добавлен: 12 ноябрь 2020 16:18
    after downloading it wont launch saying cant connect to steam account please restart the game with steam on, i need help please.
  6. Feliposclo
    Feliposclo Добавлен: 15 сентябрь 2020 15:15
    My Assetto Corsa, gives acess denied, ever, ever!! Arrange it for i DOWNLOAD this game, MY FAVORITE GAME!
  7. gh00st007
    gh00st007 Добавлен: 06 август 2020 20:07
    Handling is very very bad...dont waste time honestly..
  8. Giorgi
    Giorgi Добавлен: 27 июнь 2020 21:13
    when i download and setup the game it wont lauch it says file missing and everytime i retry setting up the same thing happens. help pls
  9. mk
    mk Добавлен: 01 май 2020 13:49
    i cant downloand when i click (download Torrent) green button,Help pls
  10. mk
    mk Добавлен: 24 апрель 2020 16:29
    i cant download when i click (download torrent),plz help.
  11. mk
    mk Добавлен: 24 апрель 2020 16:27
    i cant download this game ,help pls.
  12. Buba
    Buba Добавлен: 13 апрель 2020 23:15
  13. qurbanali
    qurbanali Добавлен: 31 март 2020 17:27
  14. Sarthak Naik
    Sarthak Naik Добавлен: 31 март 2020 06:38
    Let me download assetto corsa fkr
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