Prototype (2009) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Prototype (2009) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics
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Who am I and who turned me into a murder machine? To find answers to these difficult questions, the protagonist PROTOTYPE, Alex Mercer, must survive in the total hell of brutal battles. You can look at the world through the eyes of a ruthless mutant, devoid of memory and living only with a thirst for revenge for those who turned him into a monster. On your way there will be many obstacles, but none of them can not stop a powerful anti-hero. Destroy, blast, kill and get to the truth at any cost!

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Мнения (23)
  1. djeoshva
    djeoshva Добавлен: 20 апрель 2024 15:26
    i know i am late but you guys should install the game setup using english as interface language
  2. ffcff
    ffcff Добавлен: 09 ноябрь 2023 09:28
    the game crashes when give enter
  3. Ruhi Patel
    Ruhi Patel Добавлен: 19 сентябрь 2023 15:56
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  4. Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit Добавлен: 13 июль 2023 10:06
    Game gets crashes after clicking on continue please help
  5. Ishaan
    Ishaan Добавлен: 04 июнь 2023 14:50
    The game crashes each time I try to start it. How do I fix this shit
  6. Jeeprox
    Jeeprox Добавлен: 19 июнь 2022 07:06
    i click the game or right click , run as admin, and its done installed and transfer the bin file, but the game wont open, da fak
  7. Bandhan Biswas
    Bandhan Biswas Добавлен: 09 июнь 2022 19:06
  8. sam
    sam Добавлен: 29 март 2022 16:39
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  9. John Ashraf
    John Ashraf Добавлен: 06 март 2022 12:08
    I like This website
  10. Charlie
    Charlie Добавлен: 20 ноябрь 2021 08:36
    How do I change the language from Russia to English
  11. dethriff
    dethriff Добавлен: 09 октябрь 2021 01:30
    .bin files are unsupported tried with ISO and AnyBurn but nothing, cant extract cant mount cant burn. Setup.exe just freezes and u cant press the install button at all. Any ideas?
  12. Anthony M
    Anthony M Добавлен: 06 сентябрь 2021 00:54
    the installer & gameplay defaults to russian. How do I switch to english?
  13. boiiii
    boiiii Добавлен: 17 апрель 2021 20:34
    how do you change the language???
  14. Maninder
    Maninder Добавлен: 04 март 2021 08:23
    If u find tell me also
  15. Ankit
    Ankit Добавлен: 29 ноябрь 2020 14:43
    How do i change the language from russian to english?
  16. iRevolve
    iRevolve Добавлен: 07 ноябрь 2020 20:04
  17. M.DINESH
    M.DINESH Добавлен: 07 ноябрь 2020 12:01
    i like this website
  18. reaper_bhai
    reaper_bhai Добавлен: 06 ноябрь 2020 14:41
    How do i change the language from Russian to English???
  19. Samir Rashid
    Samir Rashid Добавлен: 17 август 2020 01:42
    extract both iso files in folders (just like you extract using winrar). Then use the installer file.
    ROHIT KUMAR Добавлен: 16 август 2020 16:32
    please help me on how to install the game protoytpe
  21. any
    any Добавлен: 19 июль 2020 20:40
    ask your ass
  22. Stalin
    Stalin Добавлен: 25 апрель 2020 07:05
    There are 2 iso files total of 6 gb which should i download? DVD.iso 1 or DVD.iso 2?or both??
  23. murtda
    murtda Добавлен: 11 март 2020 16:56
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