Resident Evil 3 [build 8856549] (2020) download torrent

Resident Evil 3 [build 8856549] (2020) download torrent
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Resident Evil 3 – a completely updated remake of the horror-action Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, in which you will once again play the role of Jill Valentine and try to get out of raccoon city to escape from the ruthless Nemesis.

In Resident Evil 3, you will find high-resolution graphics, updated gameplay mechanics, and the opportunity to take part in a series of experiments of the umbrella Corporation, which were not covered before, thanks to the asymmetric multiplayer mode Resident Evil Resistance.

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Мнения (68)
  1. kanishka
    kanishka Добавлен: 19 апрель 2024 17:43
    hey guys when i open game its showing fatal d3d error . what should I do please
  2. FLiNG
    FLiNG Добавлен: 31 октябрь 2023 04:05
  3. UFABET1688X
    UFABET1688X Добавлен: 10 сентябрь 2023 16:48
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  5. bravehert101
    bravehert101 Добавлен: 19 май 2023 07:48
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  6. Volshik dishnoy
    Volshik dishnoy Добавлен: 03 февраль 2023 06:16
    There is no setup for this game.. Then how can i install it??
  7. anon
    anon Добавлен: 31 декабрь 2022 21:47
    impossible to download. archive "data.bin" not found and file not given with torrent.
  8. Blaq
    Blaq Добавлен: 14 декабрь 2022 02:03
    Best game ever just need a little adjustments on the graphics
  9. asus9876
    asus9876 Добавлен: 05 октябрь 2022 07:11
    Is there anyway to change the voice language to English?
  10. Monroe
    Monroe Добавлен: 30 сентябрь 2022 08:55

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  11. Jacob Hue
    Jacob Hue Добавлен: 22 июль 2022 18:11
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  12. Velja988
    Velja988 Добавлен: 24 июнь 2022 21:10
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  13. Frans
    Frans Добавлен: 24 июнь 2022 10:16
    the game runs smoothly, Thank's Guys !!!

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  14. manoj
    manoj Добавлен: 23 апрель 2022 14:38
  15. NAQASH
    NAQASH Добавлен: 21 апрель 2022 21:02
  16. Max
    Max Добавлен: 09 апрель 2022 03:26
    The speech language is russian, no matter what you choose in language options.
    Somebody lied in game description.
  17. varun
    varun Добавлен: 05 март 2022 19:42
    why is it russian only tho?? i selected english while installing but it still installed russian only
  18. imayel
    imayel Добавлен: 19 февраль 2022 11:34
    I open the setup file, choose the language, go to the next page, but the setup key does not work, and the exit key does not work either.
    I ran it as administrator and the installation is the same.
  19. is0nic
    is0nic Добавлен: 19 январь 2022 22:35
    kya dddddddddddduuuuuuuu
  20. Manish Tyagi
    Manish Tyagi Добавлен: 29 декабрь 2021 18:44
    The setup was installed in english but the whole game is running in Russian language. How should i change the language ??
  21. Manish
    Manish Добавлен: 23 декабрь 2021 05:52
  22. vo
    vo Добавлен: 15 декабрь 2021 10:11
    To those who want to change the Audio to English, just rename the file "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_000.pak" to "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_000.pak_disable". Its work
  23. Rain
    Rain Добавлен: 14 ноябрь 2021 15:01
  24. Tahir Khalid
    Tahir Khalid Добавлен: 21 июнь 2021 08:10
    game works but the audio is in russia please dont try to download even u try
  25. khaled
    khaled Добавлен: 04 июнь 2021 15:45
    why it says that it is 13.37 gb and when i open it in torrent to download it turns into 20.6 gb?
  26. sammy
    sammy Добавлен: 03 июнь 2021 21:58
    missing *back.png* file while installation.
  27. ajaxgaming1024
    ajaxgaming1024 Добавлен: 30 май 2021 16:54
    How to fix runtime error out of string range
  28. ajaxgaming1024
    ajaxgaming1024 Добавлен: 30 май 2021 16:53
    how to fix runtime error
  29. Rev9
    Rev9 Добавлен: 20 май 2021 12:09
    To play the game using voice as English (speaking English and not Russian), open the installation directory and rename "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_000.pak" to "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_000.pak_disabled" and in-voice game play will be English.
  30. jennie
    jennie Добавлен: 29 апрель 2021 09:00
    the voice language is still russian even i have changed it to english. i think you changed the english as russian language lol
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