Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [v] (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [v] (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Konami Digital Entertainment releases the last chapter of the game "METAL GEAR SOLID V" - "METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain". Go to a new era of the franchise with advanced technology, which is provided by the Fox Engine graphics processor. Players expect a lot of positive emotions, because now they will be given the freedom to choose tactics in missions in the open world. Nine years after the events of the game "MGSV: GROUND ZEROES" and the fall of the main base "Big Boss", Snake comes out of a coma. In the courtyard of 1984. Against the background of the Cold War, the global aggravation of the nuclear crisis continues. Moved by revenge, Snake creates a new private army and returns to the battlefield in search of a secret group XOF. The METAL GEAR SOLID development team continues to use ambitiously such serious topics as the psychology of military conflicts and the accompanying atrocities and crimes. "MGSV: The Phantom Pain" - one of the most anticipated games of the year, which will be characterized by a game design with the open world, photorealistic graphics and rich functionality. This game will go down in history as one of the standards of the game industry for the cinematic storyline, deep themes and fascinating tactical gameplay.

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Мнения (27)
  1. politik221
    politik221 Добавлен: 12 февраль 2024 12:48
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  2. Ryan Gosling
    Ryan Gosling Добавлен: 07 ноябрь 2023 16:01
    can someone send me steamapi64.dll and other steam files or .dll files i deleted them by mistake and i dont have the setup anymore and i have a bad internet so its going to take forever
    can anyone help?
  3. FlorinToma
    FlorinToma Добавлен: 20 октябрь 2023 13:12
    Very cool game , I remember 5 years ago, my friend stayed at my place for a couple of weeks, and we had a great time playing this game. But after we finished it, we didn't know what to do, and the evenings were boring. Then we decided to discover what could surprise us and give us a bright mood, and a few days later, we still found what we were looking for. If you're also looking for bright and cool modes, I want to recommend Yoji to you. Immerse yourself in the world of excitement: boasts an unending array of thrilling games, from classic fruit machines to cutting-edge slots. Dive into the heart-pounding action of games like 'Mega Spin Mania' or try your luck with 'Treasure.' With various themed slots, you'll find your favorite adventures right here. Additionally, Yoji Casino offers fantastic bonuses and promotional deals to enhance your gaming experience. And the best part? Payments are swift, thanks to their hassle-free payment system. Join the Yoji community and experience the thrills for yourself!
  4. ugay512
    ugay512 Добавлен: 30 июль 2022 19:33
    what a nice game thank u rg mech it really does works for me.
  5. Sean
    Sean Добавлен: 30 июль 2022 06:17
    It works perfectly but I cannot connect online, can I???
  6. sunny
    sunny Добавлен: 21 март 2022 20:15
    installing takes 5 to 6 hours and also stuck and showing not responding
  7. sunny
    sunny Добавлен: 21 март 2022 14:30
    installation is very slow and stuck
  8. Saurav
    Saurav Добавлен: 09 февраль 2022 13:20
    this is working absolutely fine.
  9. Chico chua
    Chico chua Добавлен: 08 ноябрь 2021 14:27
    Finish install.

    But doesnt playe it just appear and didappear
  10. Chico chua
    Chico chua Добавлен: 08 ноябрь 2021 14:27
    Some one help me.
    After i install.

    I click open and run admin it just pop-out and disappear nothing not playing for me
  11. luka5852
    luka5852 Добавлен: 20 октябрь 2021 12:32
    does it work on win10?
  12. sanket suradkar
    sanket suradkar Добавлен: 28 сентябрь 2021 11:45
    the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)
    click ok to close the application

    please help me asap!!!
  13. ihiuhuihih
    ihiuhuihih Добавлен: 19 август 2021 12:04
    phuck you virus game
  14. nobody
    nobody Добавлен: 21 июль 2021 01:32
    hi, I have de same problem, in the 39% of the intallation, this stop and didn't work. anything to help, thanks
  15. Anon
    Anon Добавлен: 02 апрель 2021 15:35
    does this contain all dlc?
  16. K1tchu2K
    K1tchu2K Добавлен: 25 март 2021 10:31
    I am a gamer who plays games but poor, so downloading games for free
  17. eirlard
    eirlard Добавлен: 10 март 2021 19:49
    I just cant play online. how do I do that. the play online app does not launch. HELP !!
  18. GamersInfinity
    GamersInfinity Добавлен: 20 февраль 2021 20:39
    It works perfectly fine.
  19. Gringo Chorisos
    Gringo Chorisos Добавлен: 03 февраль 2021 10:09
    The Game works absolutely fine and there is no such thing as being stuck at 39% while installing or File size reducing to 788 mb after the installation.
  20. ash
    ash Добавлен: 13 январь 2021 08:04
    the installation stops at 39% and nothing happens. SOME ONE HELP!
  21. Need help
    Need help Добавлен: 16 сентябрь 2020 10:59
    How did you make it work?
  22. savior
    savior Добавлен: 04 август 2020 02:45
    work for me to thanks,
  23. Abhishek Arya
    Abhishek Arya Добавлен: 21 апрель 2020 15:15
    what type of error i don't understand..

    REVOLT.nfo was either deleted or not put in directory
  24. Omar
    Omar Добавлен: 12 февраль 2020 02:42
    don't work for me
  25. Zaxe chuin
    Zaxe chuin Добавлен: 14 август 2019 19:06
    I have also the same problem... Please some one help !!!!
  26. Alison Gives
    Alison Gives Добавлен: 14 август 2019 19:01
    When I install the game its size become 700 + mb . And it's not running. After a white screen it shows "MGSV TPP has stopped working" what should I do ?
  27. zero sky
    zero sky Добавлен: 14 август 2019 18:55
    After installing it become only 788 mb !!! (Yes 788 mb) . And it also deleted my other installed games on that drive. And after all the game itself is not running... Please help !!!!
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