Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics
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The Arkham psychiatric hospital is an eerie place. There they take all the criminals, whose cruelty and sophistication contradicts common sense and human nature itself. Many of the inhabitants of this place were stopped and called to account by Batman himself. And, finally, he managed to detain his worst enemy - the Joker, who is the very place in the psychiatric hospital. The hero personally delivered the scoundrel to the island of Arkham and thereby made a huge mistake ...

It turned out that the Joker only sought to entice Batman into an ominous clinic. There for the Dark Knight his personal hell is already prepared. Cunning traps, the most dangerous criminals and a host of ferocious enemies block the path to salvation. This time, Batman is fighting for his own life! You have to participate in the fierce fights, silently sneak in the dark and solve intricate puzzles, using special means from the arsenal of the hero. And all this - in a psychiatric hospital, where the most dangerous madmen of Gotham City ...

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Мнения (20)
  1. robinson oluwafemi
    robinson oluwafemi Добавлен: 29 февраль 2024 13:20
    how to change it to english
  2. dame
    dame Добавлен: 03 ноябрь 2023 22:44
    it keeps saying no disc inserted when I want to play, i have Nvidia but it still doesn't work.
  3. Brain Philipenko
    Brain Philipenko Добавлен: 27 май 2023 16:44
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  4. Rehman Farooq
    Rehman Farooq Добавлен: 19 октябрь 2022 12:39
    Finally, NOw I was able to Play this favorite game. Thanks for the download link man!
  5. Leon
    Leon Добавлен: 11 март 2022 05:32
  6. game
    game Добавлен: 09 октябрь 2021 09:37
    this is the worst game i have ever played no good story bad game
  7. gabriel
    gabriel Добавлен: 25 июль 2021 08:54
    I can't change language to english!!!
  8. Kavin
    Kavin Добавлен: 02 июнь 2021 06:03
  9. inam ul haq
    inam ul haq Добавлен: 30 ноябрь 2020 11:06
    Thanks for providing the download link, it worked for me, cheers up mate!
  10. Prince
    Prince Добавлен: 05 октябрь 2020 12:51
    How can I download this lol
  11. Aaron Ijomone
    Aaron Ijomone Добавлен: 01 сентябрь 2020 13:24
    you have to download utorrent to extract
  12. Maruf
    Maruf Добавлен: 02 август 2020 07:40
    Do not install this. It is in Russian language
  13. jakes
    jakes Добавлен: 25 июль 2020 18:25
  14. tonny onyango
    tonny onyango Добавлен: 30 июнь 2020 01:30
    winked [i][/i][url=http://]My Webpage[/url]
  15. Yuvi
    Yuvi Добавлен: 14 май 2020 19:15
    How to change language to english
  16. TotallyUnknown
    TotallyUnknown Добавлен: 11 апрель 2020 04:36
    How can I change the language to english?
  17. razor
    razor Добавлен: 10 апрель 2020 07:31
    which is the language
    is it english or russian
  18. paul
    paul Добавлен: 04 апрель 2020 13:45
    just instal nvidia and will work
  19. gil gilu
    gil gilu Добавлен: 27 февраль 2020 04:48
  20. Bourne
    Bourne Добавлен: 01 февраль 2020 16:45
    It says wrong disk inserted!
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