Far Cry 4 [v 1.10 + DLC's] (2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Far Cry 4 [v 1.10 + DLC's] (2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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Welcome to Kirat. Kirat is a tiny country lost in the Himalayas. In the role of Anjay Gale you have to go there to fulfill your mother's last will. But this journey is not an easy one - after all, civil war is burning in Kirat. Here you have to study a vast open world where dangers wait at every step. Here, each decision will have consequences, and each action creates a story. Created in the image and likeness of its famous predecessor, Far Cry 4 offers brand-new gameplay that has become even more perfect, in the open world, which is several times larger, as well as an updated system of joint passage that allows you to join the game or leave it at any time.

На этой странице чуть ниже вы можете скачать Far Cry 4 [v 1.10 + DLC's] (2014) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики PC торрент бесплатно RePack от R.G. Механики
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Мнения (85)
  1. vivek
    vivek Добавлен: 05 апрель 2024 20:10

  2. shahzaib
    shahzaib Добавлен: 13 январь 2024 13:39
  3. shahzaib
    shahzaib Добавлен: 13 январь 2024 13:38
  4. Sravan Kumar
    Sravan Kumar Добавлен: 21 ноябрь 2023 16:47
    Turn off antivirus before play
    Turn on anitvirus after play
  5. Sravan Kumar
    Sravan Kumar Добавлен: 21 ноябрь 2023 16:45
    Turn off antivirus before play
    Turn on antivirus after play it's safe
  6. Jayesh Joshi
    Jayesh Joshi Добавлен: 08 сентябрь 2023 20:22
    How i can change language from Russia to English, i am not able to see language option under the setting.
  7. Wsd madushan
    Wsd madushan Добавлен: 07 сентябрь 2023 18:25
    Please someone can tell me the password for Extraction. Please help me.
  8. k47
    k47 Добавлен: 28 август 2023 21:12
    its a trojan better not download it
  9. Anonymus
    Anonymus Добавлен: 18 август 2023 19:13
    Game worked perfectly , i played it on windows 10 so if anyone have it just go to settings click window protection , click virus protection close real time protection then play it.
  10. Esdras Misseni
    Esdras Misseni Добавлен: 19 июль 2023 22:15
    am not able to download the file please what's going on
  11. shegan shufrailach
    shegan shufrailach Добавлен: 09 июль 2023 15:40
    i cant open game cz i dont have the _uplayr164.dll not found can someone help
  12. AlexJuvion
    AlexJuvion Добавлен: 15 май 2023 12:35
    Glad to know about Kirat which is a tiny country lost in the Himalayas. Thanks a lot for taking time and adding extra effort to write this post. Keep writing.
    Looking for dissertation writing services uk? Hire dissertation experts of Quality Assignment.
  13. ayush anand
    ayush anand Добавлен: 25 февраль 2023 20:21
  14. Grim
    Grim Добавлен: 23 январь 2023 04:16
    Game is stuck in the loading screen should I uninstall and reinstall? Kindly help. Thanks.
  15. thomas
    thomas Добавлен: 23 декабрь 2022 10:38
    game not saving properly when i open the game it will start from 1st mission what to do
  16. Ejaz
    Ejaz Добавлен: 06 ноябрь 2022 06:53
    Black screen and game is crash and closing when launching the game.
    Please help me.
  17. navaneeth
    navaneeth Добавлен: 28 сентябрь 2022 16:03
    aj stha,
    aj stha,
    bruh what are you talking about there ain't a government in the game . its is civil war between a rebel faction and a dictator
  18. Amita Rai
    Amita Rai Добавлен: 25 август 2022 19:01
    aj stha,
    You're right! It's a proud moment for me to have a game situated in my country. The world knows about our nepali culture.
  19. Amita Rai
    Amita Rai Добавлен: 25 август 2022 18:59
    Try running through the exe from the bin folder, in case if you are running from desktop and you might have installed somewhere other than C:\ then try this.
    Don't forget to create a shortcut from the bin folder to the desktop.
    Happy Gaming!
    ISTIGLAL Добавлен: 10 август 2022 17:08
    Not working on Windows 10 ?
  21. jasky
    jasky Добавлен: 05 август 2022 12:05
    no setup file found!!!!
  22. anurada
    anurada Добавлен: 04 август 2022 08:15
    what is extract password
  23. Rayan Ahmed
    Rayan Ahmed Добавлен: 27 июль 2022 14:19
    Very good first person game and I will recomeded you to play all series of far cry now I have to complete far cry 6 and last thing today I complete far cry 4
  24. SuLTaN1
    SuLTaN1 Добавлен: 15 июль 2022 09:16
    I played part 3 and it was a great experience, for the part the fourth is a great experience again?
  25. waseem
    waseem Добавлен: 02 июль 2022 10:27
    My game Does not start it just keep loading and loading
  26. dg
    dg Добавлен: 07 июнь 2022 23:53
  27. Milan
    Milan Добавлен: 25 май 2022 08:44
    how to fix black screen when opening the game
  28. strider
    strider Добавлен: 05 март 2022 16:40
    I don't understand: the site says the torrent is 14,64 GB but when I try to download it displays 26,3 GB. What size is it?
  29. Hasan
    Hasan Добавлен: 22 февраль 2022 11:35
    the torrent file is no longer there. now only a virus file is getting downloaded. what the hell??!!
  30. Andrew
    Andrew Добавлен: 05 февраль 2022 13:10
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