Dishonored (2012) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Dishonored (2012) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
85/75 Плюс
Dishonored events take place in Danualla, a huge industrial metropolis, in the streets of which technology and mysticism collided. The protagonist - the Empress's bodyguard, accused of murdering her client, turns into a mysterious assassin, who hides her face under the guise of fate. From now on he is a shadow in the streets of the city, tormented by a plague, living in fear of the government, incomprehensible technologies and otherworldly forces. The truth is as dark as the water in the channels, the ring of compressing Danwall. And life will never be the same again ...

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  1. sahil
    sahil Добавлен: 19 октябрь 2023 12:53
    no sound in this game
  2. seo
    seo Добавлен: 15 октябрь 2023 20:39
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  3. saramyeeda
    saramyeeda Добавлен: 29 март 2020 11:01
    give me game
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