Call of Duty: World at War (2008) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики

Call of Duty: World at War (2008) PC | RePack от R.G. Механики
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In 1944, the Allied victory is no longer in doubt. The outcome of the war is a foregone conclusion, but the Hitlerites and the Japanese soldiers still face death. The final stage of the great confrontation is approaching, and the player will be at the epicenter of events. Two tense and insanely tightening campaigns will be held on the islands of the Pacific Ocean and on artillery-torn streets of Berlin.

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Мнения (31)
  1. John Chintey
    John Chintey Добавлен: 18 май 2024 13:22
    i checked the whole file, there is no english lang available here
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  3. Thevindu Gunasekara
    Thevindu Gunasekara Добавлен: 02 сентябрь 2023 04:32
    whats the decryption password for data bins ?
  4. luqman
    luqman Добавлен: 28 август 2023 06:31
    what is the key
  5. Asher Ustad
    Asher Ustad Добавлен: 20 апрель 2023 18:14
    My name is Asher Ustad and I am pro player of cod and roblox/Pubg and i have 1mil robux anyone want to me my friend heheheheh Ustad.
  6. Saad
    Saad Добавлен: 20 апрель 2023 18:12
    Saad says that call of duty was different it has online matchse to play
  7. Scholar313
    Scholar313 Добавлен: 22 март 2023 12:34
    I can confirm the game only works in Russian. Do not download the game from this site if you do not understand Russian
  8. akash
    akash Добавлен: 16 февраль 2022 17:10
    how to change language to English from Russian?
  9. walid yosef
    walid yosef Добавлен: 02 декабрь 2021 10:01
    its just russian wtf
  10. ddsfgshsfj
    ddsfgshsfj Добавлен: 30 ноябрь 2021 07:33
    How did you do this?
  11. Romio Murmu
    Romio Murmu Добавлен: 06 октябрь 2021 14:51
    I could not find the serial number help me
  12. Jones Reading
    Jones Reading Добавлен: 09 сентябрь 2021 16:06
    The game works and is genuine but take this as a warning - there is no English interface, no English subtitles at all to understand the options. It is 100% Russian language, russian subtitles and russian dialogue only. Unless you understand Russian - do not download.
  13. Dharmesh
    Dharmesh Добавлен: 24 июль 2021 12:02
    its in russian, how to change the language or please add game in english!
  14. zanyasachi
    zanyasachi Добавлен: 09 апрель 2021 07:34
    Hey you wrote interface amd speech language both in English and Russian. but the game is only in Russian. please tell me how to change it
  15. hshshsh
    hshshsh Добавлен: 08 март 2021 17:23
    you have to download u torrent first
  16. Thundergod
    Thundergod Добавлен: 11 ноябрь 2020 14:02
    This game has russian language pack and russian video/audio files
    Do not download unless you know russian

    There is no option to change language (in *ini files/in-game options/registry editor).
  17. Surjor baba
    Surjor baba Добавлен: 21 октябрь 2020 13:15
    gar mara banchod
  18. tukituki
    tukituki Добавлен: 13 октябрь 2020 19:29
    ist that a good game or virus to be sure
  19. Tushar Kant
    Tushar Kant Добавлен: 30 август 2020 12:08
  20. Ferb007
    Ferb007 Добавлен: 11 август 2020 05:14
    This Game just Works Fine !! Download through uTorrent & extract the .iso files through winrar and install the game through setup !! You Can choose your language at setup startup !! Plz Disable your Antivirus !! Game contains Multiplayer and zombie mode !!
  21. dp
    dp Добавлен: 09 август 2020 15:54
    Trojan:Win32/Dynamer! detected
  22. Shiba
    Shiba Добавлен: 20 июль 2020 09:01
    Is these game for pc or not
  23. Azy T
    Azy T Добавлен: 27 июнь 2020 09:54
    Guys how do i install thiss please help
  24. jimmy shit
    jimmy shit Добавлен: 10 июнь 2020 09:45
    this is a virus
  25. mostafa mahmoud
    mostafa mahmoud Добавлен: 15 апрель 2020 19:30
  26. scrub222
    scrub222 Добавлен: 23 март 2020 05:46
    menu is in russian even tho i set interface english either there is some mistake in installer or bad repack
  27. scrub222
    scrub222 Добавлен: 23 март 2020 05:44
    the menu language is in russian tried reinstalling everything set for english yet its not english idk if there is some mistake in installer or just bad repack
  28. Ahmad
    Ahmad Добавлен: 04 февраль 2020 20:20
    Does this CODWAW have Multiplayer?
    есть ли мультиплеер
  29. Ahmad
    Ahmad Добавлен: 04 февраль 2020 20:17
    Does it have Multiplayer? CODWAW?
  30. Ehtisham
    Ehtisham Добавлен: 04 февраль 2020 11:21
    fhyikutl8/-]5764net 5 u67y5eyrthjythrterw 4q5u
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