Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) PC | Rip from R.G. Mechanics

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) PC | Rip from R.G. Mechanics
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Continuation of the sensational thriller Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which sold worldwide around 10 million copies and won the title "Game of 2007" from most gaming publications.

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  1. Deadly_Shogun
    Deadly_Shogun Добавлен: 27 май 2024 05:04
    Contains virus please don't download it from here.
  2. skyline22
    skyline22 Добавлен: 04 апрель 2024 07:13
    PLEASE, not every downloader are russian. put ENGLISH
  3. Abhishek
    Abhishek Добавлен: 18 март 2024 20:22
    showing steam_api.dll error
  4. Blake Smith
    Blake Smith Добавлен: 16 январь 2024 08:52
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  7. dominicvercetti
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  8. Wolverineo
    Wolverineo Добавлен: 16 декабрь 2023 17:48
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  11. Kethmal
    Kethmal Добавлен: 05 июль 2023 15:46
    [i][/i]hi rg machines i will download the game after i showing a error massage error massage is "this app can't run on your pc how to fix it?
  12. kakade
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  13. Hunter
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  14. Umar farooq
    Umar farooq Добавлен: 17 июнь 2023 10:41
    very good bro
    i m also muslim
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  15. Asomiddin
    Asomiddin Добавлен: 27 май 2023 13:57
    No. It is not. Don't trust liars. This game is not against islam
  16. who asked
    who asked Добавлен: 24 май 2023 15:54
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  18. seu pai
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    Essa merda ta em russo, n?o baixem!!!!!!
  19. turiip123
    turiip123 Добавлен: 04 апрель 2023 21:52
    Add a english pls
  20. idk
    idk Добавлен: 28 март 2023 16:58
    solutions to problems:

    Russian language problem; go to the setup then click English in the language section of the setup

    data6.bin not found error; download winrar (not 7-zip) then cut whatever is inside of dvd 1 and paste it on another directory then do the same with dvd 2
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  23. Imaginary
    Imaginary Добавлен: 06 март 2023 21:17
    I spend days downloading it just to find that it's in Russian!!! Screw you!!!???
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  27. Nimina nawoda
    Nimina nawoda Добавлен: 02 февраль 2023 17:28
    how to change languge this game plz
  28. Leonardo
    Leonardo Добавлен: 01 январь 2023 03:40
    why don't you put the game in english? what's the difficulty? people can't read Russian except Russians themselves. Or at least collapsible multi languages.
  29. BlueLunar
    BlueLunar Добавлен: 22 декабрь 2022 14:39
    Language problem.!!! BlueLunar
  30. sid
    sid Добавлен: 13 декабрь 2022 23:04
    no english language...the whole game is in russian
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