Call of Duty: Ghosts - Ghosts Deluxe Edition [Update 21] (2013) PC | Rip от R.G. Механики

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Ghosts Deluxe Edition [Update 21] (2013) PC | Rip от R.G. Механики
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Call of Duty®: Ghosts is the new part in the Call of Duty series. The name of the game associates it with the main characters - the elite ghost unit, where once served as Goust, or Lieutenant Simon Riley, a cult character in the series, tragically killed by Shepard in the second part of the franchise. The world of the game is close to post-apocalypse, which is a novelty in the series. According to the plot, because of the hacking of the space station "One", the hacker launched nuclear missiles on the main cities of America. The main characters are two brothers from California who meet with the Ghosts and join their collective in order to maintain order in the new world.

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Мнения (71)
  1. sachin
    sachin Добавлен: 30 апрель 2024 08:30
    what is zip file password
  2. UJV
    UJV Добавлен: 09 апрель 2024 15:49
    The game seems fine except the mission "homecoming" because it was missing a file that could start the mission. Unfortunately, it crashed and got an error.
  3. Kaizman
    Kaizman Добавлен: 01 апрель 2024 22:40
    i keep on getting this message disk read error homecoming i played four mission and it gave me this error when reaching mission 5 homecoming how can i solve this issue?
  4. panda
    panda Добавлен: 28 декабрь 2023 07:56
    le jeu ne s'ouvre pas, j'ai un message d'erreur MENU_CONTENT_NOT_AVAILABLE. Comment corriger ?a svp?
  5. Saisubham smantara
    Saisubham smantara Добавлен: 10 ноябрь 2023 07:41
    Nasir faraj,
    Nasir faraj,
    did you find any solution ?
  6. XHADE
    XHADE Добавлен: 16 сентябрь 2023 15:29
  7. Rajpoot
    Rajpoot Добавлен: 07 март 2023 05:09
    So many errors in the game .
    Finally it's no working wasted time on it....
  8. Deadpool
    Deadpool Добавлен: 28 декабрь 2022 14:55
    I am receiving PlusMaster Client error when launching the game. Any suggestions?
  9. BlueLunar
    BlueLunar Добавлен: 22 декабрь 2022 14:28
    For a COD Ghost game, you don't need a teacher. BlueLunar
  10. zaheer
    zaheer Добавлен: 14 ноябрь 2022 22:28
    game is not working its require "plusmaster client" what is that and where from i get plz help
  11. mohanned
    mohanned Добавлен: 16 июль 2022 21:32
    the same error any help
    This application installed ,but it displayed a error "client update by plus master application" so what to do?
  12. chama
    chama Добавлен: 08 июль 2022 18:01
    This application installed ,but it displayed a error "client update by plus master application" so what to do?
  13. saijan
    saijan Добавлен: 11 июнь 2022 18:15
    install sucessfully its showing ,please make sure plusmaterclient updated and running .i cant play the game
    what i do
  14. Ghost
    Ghost Добавлен: 26 май 2022 13:03
    Pratham Sharma,
    Go here:
    and download the crack file only, then paste it into the game's directory
  15. Abaasa McMarvins
    Abaasa McMarvins Добавлен: 26 апрель 2022 15:27
    I still cant figure how to download this game
  16. Pratham Sharma
    Pratham Sharma Добавлен: 22 апрель 2022 18:51
    It keeps showing "Make sure PlusMaster Client is updated and running" whenever I click on the application after installation. Kindly give a solution
  17. Vivek Karumudi
    Vivek Karumudi Добавлен: 28 март 2022 11:16
    i am getting disk read error for flood.ff file
  18. Vivek Karumudi
    Vivek Karumudi Добавлен: 28 март 2022 11:15
    I am also getting the error disk read error for flood.ff
  19. Mr.x
    Mr.x Добавлен: 13 февраль 2022 07:25
    whats with the master client error everytime i download something a new kind of error pops up damn i am not coming here anymore
  20. dasds
    dasds Добавлен: 02 февраль 2022 14:45
    is this safe
  21. syed sheezan
    syed sheezan Добавлен: 06 декабрь 2021 19:49
    i want to download cod ghosts
  22. Adeesha gaming
    Adeesha gaming Добавлен: 21 октябрь 2021 06:59
    I have an black screen erro ,how i resolve it please tell me fast
  23. Arnav
    Arnav Добавлен: 09 октябрь 2021 16:17
    english language not show on setup
  24. James Roman P Manalang
    James Roman P Manalang Добавлен: 09 октябрь 2021 07:14
    try to run it as administrator
  25. jacob
    jacob Добавлен: 22 сентябрь 2021 04:29
    disk error....disk cannot load enemyhqff ...rg help
  26. jacob
    jacob Добавлен: 22 сентябрь 2021 04:28
    disc error disk cannot load enemyhqff ....rg help
  27. Vineeth bevanahally ramesh
    Vineeth bevanahally ramesh Добавлен: 29 август 2021 20:41
    Call of duty
  28. Winter Soldier
    Winter Soldier Добавлен: 27 август 2021 18:04
    It's only Russian
  29. Rahul
    Rahul Добавлен: 26 август 2021 14:21
    Sir its setup.exe is for 32bit but I have 64bit what to do Plzz plzzz help
  30. lamontwalker
    lamontwalker Добавлен: 05 август 2021 13:52
    CD key please. the given links are not working.
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