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Planet of Lana (2023) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2023
Genre: Adventure, Action
Developer: Wishfully
Publishing: Wishfully
Type of publication: License
Interface language: English, Russian
Speech Language:
Crack: Present

OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5
RAM: 4 Gb
Video card: GTX 660
Hard disk space: 10 GB

Planet of Lana is a game project developed in the arcade platformer genre with bright colors and an exciting storyline.
Play the role of a cute girl named Lana and boldly set off towards adventures and unpredictable events, exploring many interesting locations, uncovering dark secrets and completing important missions. The plot will tell us about the once prosperous planet, comparable to paradise itself, which is mired in warriors and destruction, and is now on the verge of complete destruction. In connection with these terrible events, Lana's full sister disappears and now we need to help the main character find her, no matter what. Be ready to overcome obstacles and dangers, fight those who want to stop you and reveal secrets, the answers to which are not so easy to find. Here you need to truly survive, and therefore you will need to connect the skills of stealth, tactical planning, and ingenuity.
Features repack:


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