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WW2 Rebuilder (2023) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2023
Genre: Adventure, Action, Simulator, Strategy, RPG
Developer: Madnetic Games
Publishing: Madnetic Games
Type of publication: License
Interface language: English, Russian
Speech Language:
Crack: Present

OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3
RAM: 8 Gb
Video card: GTX 1050 Ti
Hard disk space: 36 GB

WW2 Rebuilder is a game project developed in the genre of an adventure simulator, where we will play the role of an engineer and try to restore a city that was destroyed after the Second World War.
You will have more than enough opportunities to achieve your goal, but it is important to learn how to use them correctly in order to achieve success. Demonstrate tactical planning skills, thinking through each step, studying the environment and the situation in order to avoid mistakes. It will please you to have complete freedom of action, which will allow you to go where you can and make those decisions that you see fit. To carry out the work, you have at your disposal a wide range of equipment and tools, which means that any task assigned to you is definitely within your power. The visual performance is designed in a pleasant style and immerses us in a realistic atmosphere.
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