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Railbound (2022) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2022
Genre: Quest
Developer: Afterburn
Publishing: Afterburn
Type of publication: License
Interface language: English
Speech Language:
Crack: Present

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel Core i5
RAM: 4 Gb
Video card: Intel HD Graphics 6000
Hard disk space: 300 MB

Railbound is a puzzle game where we'll build railroad tracks and their connections. The main goal is to redirect the composition from one destination to another, doing it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Here, about a hundred unique puzzles are provided for passing, each of which is interesting and has a certain level of difficulty. This suggests that you need to constantly improve your professional skills by successfully completing missions one after another. Initially, you will have a small set of resources for construction, which will gradually be supplemented, thereby giving you more opportunities. Trains will also increase in number and move at the same speed, so you need to think over the route correctly to avoid collisions. The graphics are worked out in a bright, interesting style, with colorful, pleasant animation. Pass all the tests and become a professional railroad builder.
Features repack:


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